Post-Sixth Form Pathways

Post-Sixth Form Pathways Presentations

Please find below 6 presentations , each based upon possible Post-Sixth Form destinations for students.


Student Finance

Applying for University

Taking a Gap Year

‘Early Entry’ University Applications

Apprenticeships & Employment


Independent and Advice Guidance is a partnership between students, parents, the school and independent careers service to support students as they prepare for further and higher education and employment. IAG includes:

  • Interviews – group & individual sessions booked with our independent careers advisor
  • Use of the careers resources – literature, prospectuses, websites.
  • Assemblies covering relevant topics.
  • Careers Convention
  • Career talks with guest speakers.

Year 12

  • Research Higher Education and Further Education courses.
  • Attend open days and specialist lectures as part of university outreach programmes (day & residential).
  • Work related learning.
  • Parents evening.
  • The university (UCAS) process in detail.
  • Higher Education Evening on student finance and access arrangements for students with disabilties.
  • Individual careers guidance interviews.
  • Attend open days.

Year 13

  • Application to HE/FE (applications & Personal Statements).
  • Attend interviews/open days.
  • Apply for student finance.
  • Individual careers guidance interviews.
  • Interview experience.
  • Apprenticeship talks with professionals.
  • Apply for apprenticeship/training or employment vacancies.

Work experience and work placements undertaken during your A level is extremely important to UCAS and job applications.

There may be opportunities to use a regular slot on your timetable to go out to work at an establishment relevant to your study or future career path, giving you an insight into your chosen career to ensure it is right for you. This kind of work experience will also be invaluable when it comes to UCAS/job applications and interviews; will mean you can talk from experience, and ensure you stand out from other candidates. The earlier you can arrange and begin work experience, the more relevant and appealing it will be in your UCAS or job applications. However, your placements need to be discussed and agreed with your Progress Tutor. Our Student Progress Co-ordinators, are also available to help with the organisation of work experience and work placements. Of course, any work experience undertaken at any time during the course will be fantastic – it doesn’t have to be in term time.

Preparation for University

Step 1 – Research Courses & Higher Education Institutes

Step 2 – Attend Higher Education Institute Open Days

Step 3 – Personal Statement

Personal statement drafted and submitted to personal tutor and relevant subject teacher (if linked to degree subject).

Step 4 – Personal Statement Review

Personal statement reviewed and feedback given to student

Step 5 – Compete UCAS Form

Student’s responsibility.

All sections of the UCAS form completed and checked.

Step 6 – Reference

These are compiled by your personal Progress Tutor and are based on information given by subject tutors and yourselves. It is therefore important that you keep a record of your personal achievements, enrichment activities undertaken, work experience, voluntary work, work for the student body etc, as this will create a positive image and therefore make you an appealing candidate.

Step 7 – Final Checks

All section of the UCAS form checked, and amended and re-checked as necessary

Step 8 – Submit Form

Student’s responsibility

Form submitted via UCAS Apply. Students are urged to submit their choices as early as possible as Universities offer their places on a first come, first served basis.

Step 9 – Choices

Student’s responsibility

Once you have all of your replies and offers from your five universities, you will need to make a final selection of two choices – a firm selection and an insurance selection. The insurance option should have a lower entry offer than the firm choice.

More detailed information can be found in the UCAS Booklet:

University/Careers Research


The Student Room

The worlds largest student

The Russell Group

The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities.

Student Finance England

Provides financial support to students entering higher education.

Total Professions

Inspiration and advice for professional careers


CUKAS is a bespoke, specialised online admissions service.

Which University?

A new website designed to help students make more informed.

A Taste of Medicine

Healthcare offers a huge range of opportunities.

Best Course For Me

A service provided by Student Information Services Ltd.

Pembroke College Oxford

Oxford link for

Fitzwilliams College

Cambridge link for

Parent Adviser

Advice for parents about career options for their children.

Careers and Higher Education

National Careers Service

A service for the Skills Funding

NHS Careers

The information service for careers in the NHS in England.

Guardian Careers

Expert career advice and great job opportunities every day.


Bridging the gap between education and employment.

Careers Box

A free online library of careers related film, news and information.


Career advice, guidance and planning tailored to your needs.


University Open Days

The universities open days


Helps people into university and

A University Guide

A complete independent and trusted university guide.

UCAS Advisor



The National Apprenticeship
Service (NAS).

Apprenticeship Guide

Information on what Apprenticeships you can study.

Alternative Options

Not Going to Uni

Search and apply for apprenticeships, gap years, distant learning and jobs.