About Us

Post-16 Leader - Mr J Garnham

I am delighted that you are interested in Brine Leas Sixth Form I want to assure you from the outset that every young person who walks through our doors will receive a first class deal. You will be genuinely valued as an individual. The motto for Brine Leas is “Believe, Learn, Succeed” which reflects our focus on quality teaching, learning and support for our students. We have cherry picked the best techniques used at KS4 to achieve our outstanding success and put them into a Post 16 context; in particular, target setting, pastoral support, enrichment opportunities and an emphasis on the quality of relationships between staff and students.

Our vision for Brine Leas Sixth Form is to be the destination of choice. It is where we want you to aspire to learn, where parents/carers desire to send their child and where teachers aspire to teach. This vision is central to the decisions we make and systems we have put in place

All our staff will do their utmost to ensure you achieve your potential during your time with us. For most people, 16 to 19 is an exciting time in their lives, but challenging too. Taking on new responsibilities, managing your time, planning your courses and finding a route through all the exciting possibilities that await you, are all things you will need help with. Our job is to ensure we put that personalised support in place so that you leave sixth form as confident and articulate young people, ready for the next step, whether that is work, apprenticeships or higher education. Sixth Form life, of course, should not just be about studying but should also provide opportunities for you to take part in sport, music, drama and dance, as well as visits to places in this country and abroad. This is what will help you develop as well educated young men and women and I strongly urge you to take part in the many and varied enrichment activities that will be on offer.

We believe that the young people in the local area deserve the very best. Brine Leas Sixth Form is exactly that. A state-of-the-art building and the most up to date technology, is coupled with high quality staff who truly believe in you. If you want to reach your potential and fulfil your ambitions, Brine Leas Sixth Form is the place for you.

I look forward to meeting you and to receiving your application as you join us on this exciting journey.

Best wishes

Mr J Garnham
Post-16 Leader

Our Vision

To be the destination of choice.

Our Ethos

The development of robust and resilient independent learners who have respect for themselves and others

What you can expect from us

You can expect us to:

Give you all the information you need on the courses that we provide in such a way that it will be easy to understand and will assist you to make the correct choices.

Give you the opportunity to talk to our staff and ask questions about the courses before you make course choices and submit your application.

Give you informal information, advice and guidance meeting (after you submit your application) to discuss your choosen studies, extra curricular interests and your future plans.

Treat all applications fairly and in accordance with Equality and Diversity legislation and policies.

You can expect us to:

Provide unbiased, clear and accurate advice and guidance to enable you to plan and implement the next step on your career or education pathway.

Allocate you a progress tutor who will be responsible for both your academic progress and personal well-being.

Give you specialist support and advice with Oxbridge,
Dentistry/Veterinarian/Medicine and UCAS applications and interviews.

Regularly review your progress and give you feedback that praises your achievements and sets you clear learning goals.

Ensure you receive additional support as required; needed to help you study courses that meet your individual needs.

Offer you a wide range of enrichment opportunities.

Ensure you receive additional support needed to help you study.

You can expect us to:

Provide a high-quality learning environment that is equipped for 21st centrury learning.

Provide high-quality lessons with teaching that is matched to your needs.

Encourage you to succeed and listen to your comments and feedback.

Set you challenging and aspirational targets and ensure that your progress towards them is constantly monitored.

Offer a range of courses that cater for different learning.