Student/Parent Information

16-19 Tuition Fund, 2020-21

The 16-19 Tuition Fund is a one-off funding allocation for the 2020-21 academic year. The allocation is being used by BL6 to provide one to one or one to two tuition to mitigate the disruption to learning arising from coronavirus (COVID-19). Targeted support is therefore being offered to those students who require additional assistance in English and Maths in order to enable them to successfully engage with their A level studies.


All absences due to illness should be reported before 9am to the BL6 Admin Office (01270 621612). Absences will be authorised in accordance with our BL6 Attendance Policy, poor attendance will be investigated promptly and may result in you having to pay for your own examination entries. Students who are absent from form and have not reported their absence will receive a text (along with the parents) asking that they contact the BL6 Admin Office.

Sixth Form Conduct

BL6 have high expectations of our students; in the unlikely circumstances students do not conduct themselves appropriately, we will act in accordance with the BL6 Code Of Conduct Policy

Sixth Form Dress Code

Students need to dress appropriately and sensibly for Sixth Form; the dress code has been devised by working closely with students to create this common approach and is publicised in the BL6 Dress Code Policy. However Art, Technology and PE will require students to bring in addition clothing/equipment which would be worn in those lessons.

Clothing must be suitable for a working environment where younger students are required to adhere to uniform codes.


BL6 has an onsite carpark, which is available to all staff and students. When students have qualified to drive their car parking access can be activated upon presentation of their driving licence and car registation; however, parking within the school car park is a privilege. It is important for students to keep to the 5mph site speed limit, drive sensibly and to ensure they park within designated parking bays otherwise this privilege will be removed.

Student Programmes of Study

Students will choose to study 3 subjects to A level, a minority of students will opt for 4 subjects. This will form the main proportion of a students programme of study with nine lessons allocated to each subject per fortnight. In addition students will have two sessions on their timetable; one will be designated academic whilst the second will be allocated to pastoral use. Students will also study the Extended Project Qualification and/or STEP Maths (Further Mathematicians only); these will be taught within the academic IL session whilst students will develop their personal, social, and employability skills within the pastoral IL session. Further more students will receive individually tailored support and independent advice and guidance during their monthly progress meetings with their progress tutor.

Independent study Periods

Few students will have a full timetable, so there will be time for independent study. This non contact time must be used appropriately; it is time to undertake essential enrichment, private research, to read around a subject and to follow up class-work. In Year 12 and 13 students need to put in another 1.5 hours of Independent Study for each lesson taught, e.g. if a student has four hours of English during the week, they should add a further 6 hours of independent study as a minimum.

Students are expected to stay in school and use the facilities here during the school day. It is not permissible for students to participate in part-time work during these periods, or to book other non-essential appointments such as driving lessons or dental appointments. Students must ensure that they remain available in these periods so that they are contactable should a member of staff wish to meet with them.

During Independent Study time, there are a number of options for students:

  • The library gives access to books, computers, internet and UCAS/careers information. This is a place for silent study.
  • There are 3 study areas, each with a different ‘feel’. One is more conducive to individual study, another has larger work desks, allowing students to spread out for project work etc, whilst the third is better for group/discursive work etc.
  • There are seminar rooms and IT suites which are available to students during this time. A list of free rooms is displayed outside the BL6 Admin Office.
  • The Commons/Coffee Shop provides an informal study area/cafĂ© environment.
  • BL6 is open for two hours each day after the close of lessons. At 5.15pm all students must leave the site

Work Experience/Work Placements and Enrichment Activities

Students are expected to undertake work experience/work placement, and voluntary work as part of their enrichment; such activities develops students’ work related skills and helps them to decide upon their future career direction, see the BL6 work Experience/Placemnet Policy for further information.


Students should wear their lanyards plus ID badges at all times on the school site so that they are identifiable as students. ID badges are required to purchase food and drinks from the BL6 Coffee Shop and to print work. Money can be credited to accounts either via the cash loader machine located in BL6 or via the internet using the Parentpay system. It is therefore vey important that students keep this card safe.

Health and Safety

Students should make sure that they sign in and out at the administration office if they arrive or leave outside of a normal lesson. This is to ensure that we can confirm attendance in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Upon hearing the Fire Alarm, students should leave the building immediately and congregate on the tennis courts.

Taking care of you

Moving from a school environment to a Sixth Form is an exciting time. Life in a Sixth Form is fast moving and challenging and we are very keen to take great care to ensure that all of you have the individual support that you need and that your individual needs are met. At BL6, we also recognise that a new environment and the move to sixth form can be a little daunting.

Easing the transition

With this in mind we aim to build on the highly successful work carried out by our BL6 Team and ensure transition to sixth form life is as smooth as possible for you.

Available Funding

These are two sources of financial assistance students may be able to access. Below are the current policies and application forms that are subject to change for the next academic year.

Timings of the Sixth Form Day

BL6 operates on a two week timetable. The school day is as follows:
Registration 8.50 -9.10
Period 1 9.10-10.10
Period 2 10.10-11.10
Break 11.10-11.30
Period 3 11.30-12.30
Lunch 12.30-1.15
Period 4 1.15-2.15
Period 5 2.15-3.15

BL6 Building closes at 4.15pm